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Belfast City Council is working with government, our universities, and the third sector to support a coordinated contribution by the innovator community to solving local Covid-19 challenges.

We want to match the digital expertise, capacity and resources of innovators with emerging issues. And, where possible, we hope that this can be done on a pro bono basis.

If your organisation can offer support or needs support, please sign up.

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Support Being Offered

European Connected Health Alliance - Network

The European Connected Health Alliance has developed robust ecosystems in 40 + locations...

Analytics Engines - Data Science

Analytics Engines are specialists in data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, the...

KPMG - Professional services

Provide professional services such as audit, tax and legal services, deal advisory and consulting.

Support Needed

Activities - what’s already happening in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council Coronavirus: Community Support Services

Information, initiatives and funding opportunities to support the community during the COVID-19...

Northern Ireland Electronic Care Records (NIECR)

Digitisation of health and social care records in Northern Ireland.

COVID-19 Data Sonification Project - Queen's University Belfast

Data sonification maps statistical figures to sound and is used to explore data patterns through...

Official NHS mental health advice and guidance

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of...