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Belfast City Council is working with government, our universities, and the third sector to support a coordinated contribution by the innovator community to solving local Covid-19 challenges.

We want to match the digital expertise, capacity and resources of innovators with emerging issues. And, where possible, we hope that this can be done on a pro bono basis.

If your organisation can offer support or needs support, please sign up.

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Support Being Offered

Transforming Systems - COVID-19 NHS Critical Data Dial & Heatmap

We can provide our recognised SHREWD Platform for the NHS in NI to support operational data flows...

Virgin Media - Internet services, cloud support and home working solutions

Provide IT support for large, SME and public sector customers. Strong focus on fast internet...

Techies in Residence Programme

This programme matches local charities and social enterprises with digital technology partners to...

Support Needed

Remote support solution for Employability clients

Remote support for Employability clients isolating during Covid-19 lockdown.

Tackling Awareness Of Mental Health Issues

Support to create or purchase a blended learning system to teach students and coaches mental...

Activities - what’s already happening in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

Official NHS mental health advice and guidance

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of...

Ards and North Down Borough Council directory of useful services to help citizens stay at home and community engagement

Ards and North Down Borough Council are collating lots of information to help limit the need for...

Northern Ireland Community and Voluntary Association COVID-19 Hub

NICVA has developed an information hub to support the voluntary and community sector through the...

Department of Health NI - COVID-19 Symptom Checker App

The Department of Health Northern Ireland has launched a new Covid-19 NI information app.