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Belfast City Council is working with government, our universities, and the third sector to support a coordinated contribution by the innovator community to solving local Covid-19 challenges.

We want to match the digital expertise, capacity and resources of innovators with emerging issues. And, where possible, we hope that this can be done on a pro bono basis.

If your organisation can offer support or needs support, please sign up.

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Support Being Offered

Deloitte - range of data and analytics related services

Deloitte can provide a range of data and analytics related services including data visualisation,...

EY - Innovation and Delivery Centre of Excellence

EY have a number of data experts available with a particular interest in health and other societal...

Support Needed

Kith & Kin - Finance e-learning module

Kith and Kin would like to build an e-learning module to help local people manage their finances...

Tackling Awareness Of Mental Health Issues

Support to create or purchase a blended learning system to teach students and coaches mental...

Brain Injury Matters - Remote support for clients and the organisations

Remote support for clients and the organisation as we move out of lockdown ,ensuring that the on...

Activities - what’s already happening in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

Data Sharing Within the Health and Care System

Data sharing initiative across agencies within the health and care system.

Northern Ireland Electronic Care Records (NIECR)

Digitisation of health and social care records in Northern Ireland.

Business in the Community - National Business Response Network

The National Business Response Network has been launched to identify community needs across the UK...

Matrix NI Coronavirus Resources

Matrix is maintaining a regularly updated list of resources and available support, plus offers and...