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Belfast City Council is working with government, our universities, and the third sector to support a coordinated contribution by the innovator community to solving local Covid-19 challenges.

We want to match the digital expertise, capacity and resources of innovators with emerging issues. And, where possible, we hope that this can be done on a pro bono basis.

If your organisation can offer support or needs support, please sign up.

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Support Being Offered

Angoka - Secure M2M Solutions

Angoka has developed secure communication solutions for devices working in zero-trust networks....

Kainos - Range of Technology Solutions and Expertise

Kainos is a Belfast-based technology company that provides digital solutions that allow...

Volunteer Now - Volunteering

We provide support, guidance and training to organisations who involve volunteers and encourage...

Support Needed

Remote support solution for Employability clients

Remote support for Employability clients isolating during Covid-19 lockdown.

Brain Injury Matters - Remote support for clients and the organisations

Remote support for clients and the organisation as we move out of lockdown ,ensuring that the on...

Fane Street - Online access for vulnerable families

Fane Street families need your help to get online!

Activities - what’s already happening in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

COVID-19 Belfast community helpline.

Belfast City Council is working with community, voluntary and statutory service providers across...

Andras House - Free NHS Accommodation at Cordia Serviced Apartments (Booked Out - Wait List Available)

Andras House are offering free accommodation to hospital staff in Belfast.

Community NI Covid-19 Information Service

CommunityNI promotes the Covid-19 work of the voluntary and community sector, as well as for those who...

Department of Health NI - COVID-19 Symptom Checker App

The Department of Health Northern Ireland has launched a new Covid-19 NI information app.