• Concentrix - Lingulab (language translation services)

    Lingulab is a digital service that enables English speaks to engage in chat and email in multiple other languages, at 50-70% lower cost that that incurred from staffing native speakers.

  • Solv Gig - Remote work solutions

    Concentrix Solv has innovated the remote work space, providing organisations with access to fully flexible and highly skilled gig workforce that provides customer support services 24/7, in any language. Solv is a uniquely on-demand model which results in significantly lower operating costs than premise based solution. It's virtual access provides high suitability for business continuity during Covid-19, where organisations require replacement or temporary additional support, and can benefit from doing so without overhead investment.

  • Transforming Systems - COVID-19 NHS Critical Data Dial & Heatmap

    We can provide our recognised SHREWD Platform for the NHS in NI to support operational data flows and our COBID dials.