• Novoville - Cloud-based solutions

    Novoville has a just-in-time cloud-based method of collecting, gathering, sorting, and actioning data to help local councils respond to shifting Covid-19 priorities in minutes.

  • Sailortown Regen - Internet for a Community Hub

    Large open space requires dedicated broadband set up

  • Solv Gig - Remote work solutions

    Concentrix Solv has innovated the remote work space, providing organisations with access to fully flexible and highly skilled gig workforce that provides customer support services 24/7, in any language. Solv is a uniquely on-demand model which results in significantly lower operating costs than premise based solution. It's virtual access provides high suitability for business continuity during Covid-19, where organisations require replacement or temporary additional support, and can benefit from doing so without overhead investment.

  • Tackling Awareness Of Mental Health Issues

    Support to create or purchase a blended learning system to teach students and coaches mental health education

  • Techies in Residence Programme

    This programme matches local charities and social enterprises with digital technology partners to build digital solutions to social and community challenges, including those that have emerged as a result of COVID19.