• AllState - D3 (Data, Discovery, Decision Science) Team

    Access to experts in Data Mining, Data Visualisation, Geographic Visualisation, Predictive Modelling, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing.

  • Analytics Engines - Data Science

    Analytics Engines are specialists in data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, the operationalisation of workflows, in-depth analytics and visualisations.

  • ESRI - Mapping and Training

    Provides GIS mapping software and associated analytics, data management and visualisation and spatial analysis. They also provide training in related GIS services.

  • Kith & Kin - Finance e-learning module

    Kith and Kin would like to build an e-learning module to help local people manage their finances and learn about how financial services work.

  • Mapcite - Locational data

    Modern web technologies, data processes and integrations empowering everybody to discover, use and share in the value of Location Data.

  • Novoville - Cloud-based solutions

    Novoville has a just-in-time cloud-based method of collecting, gathering, sorting, and actioning data to help local councils respond to shifting Covid-19 priorities in minutes.

  • Solv Gig - Remote work solutions

    Concentrix Solv has innovated the remote work space, providing organisations with access to fully flexible and highly skilled gig workforce that provides customer support services 24/7, in any language. Solv is a uniquely on-demand model which results in significantly lower operating costs than premise based solution. It's virtual access provides high suitability for business continuity during Covid-19, where organisations require replacement or temporary additional support, and can benefit from doing so without overhead investment.