• Access to hardware to support remote working

    Sourcing laptops for remote-working by Employability Academy clients

  • BT - Home Working / Infrastructure

    Covid-19 team in place to support the urgent needs of the NHS, Public Sector Bodies, Third Sector and Private Sector businesses providing essential services.

  • EY - Innovation and Delivery Centre of Excellence

    EY have a number of data experts available with a particular interest in health and other societal challenges.

  • Intern Europe - Remote business admin, design

    Grant-funded work placement support in business administration, marketing, web design, graphic design, HR and accounting.

  • Kith & Kin - Finance e-learning module

    Kith and Kin would like to build an e-learning module to help local people manage their finances and learn about how financial services work.

  • Solv Gig - Remote work solutions

    Concentrix Solv has innovated the remote work space, providing organisations with access to fully flexible and highly skilled gig workforce that provides customer support services 24/7, in any language. Solv is a uniquely on-demand model which results in significantly lower operating costs than premise based solution. It's virtual access provides high suitability for business continuity during Covid-19, where organisations require replacement or temporary additional support, and can benefit from doing so without overhead investment.

  • StreetDock

    StreetDock can provide and manage logistics services in urban areas. We are focused on working with the main supermarkets to help them increase the number of food delivery slots they can provide.

  • StreetDock - Logistical Services

    StreetDock offers safe fast and convenient last-mile delivery services in the Greater Belfast Area.