Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

Amazon Web Services is offering a range of special offers to support remote working, learning and training.

'Amazon WorkSpaces' lets you launch virtual Windows and Linux desktops that can be accessed anywhere and from any device. These desktops can be used for remote work, remote training, and more.

'Amazon WorkDocs' makes it easy for you to collaborate with others, also from anywhere and on any device. You can create, edit, share, and review content, all stored centrally on AWS. Amazon Chime supports online meetings with up to 100 participants (growing to 250 later this month), including chats and video calls, all from a single application.

'Amazon Connect' lets you set up a call or contact center in the cloud, with the ability to route incoming calls and messages to tens of thousands of agents. You can use this to provide emergency information or personalized customer service, while the agents are working from home.

'Amazon AppStream' lets you deliver desktop applications to any computer. You can deliver enterprise, educational, or telemedicine apps at scale, including those that make use of GPUs for computation or 3D rendering.

'AWS Client VPN' lets you set up secure connections to your AWS and on-premises networks from anywhere. You can give your employees, students, or researchers the ability to “dial in” (as we used to say) to your existing network.

'AWS Chatbot' lets you monitor and interact with your AWS resources in Slack channels and Chime chat rooms.

Subject to further discussion these services are available to not-for-profit organisations including the public sector.