Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

Analytics Engines are specialists in data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, the operationalisation of workflows, in-depth analytics and visualisations.

Subject to discussion, Analytics Engines are offering access to our Cobalt Grant Manager platform to local authorities that may be processing an unprecedented volume of grant applications as a direct result of the pandemic. The solution is currently being used by UKRI Innovate UK to process ongoing funding competitions and to manage applications for their COVID-19 innovation competition.

Grant Manager utilises text analytics to automate the process of grant application checking and assessor matching. The solution also automates the process of checking applications to ensure companies are not making fraudulent submissions.

The solution has had a considerable impact on operations at Innovate UK, including:

• helping to address issues surrounding duplicate applications

• reducing the time taken to assign an assessor from four days to a matter of minutes

• improving the accuracy of assessor assignment

• increasing the efficiency and allocation of resources.

Further information regarding the solution can be found here

Please get in touch if you require and support in relation to your data challenges.