Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

We will offer targeted and practical security and digital resilience consultancies, as well as discounted CyDesk and CyCheck licenses.

CyNation is a digital risk management and analytics company focused on discovering, mitigating and managing digital risks inherent in third-party ecosystems. Our solutions are trusted by banks, insurers, asset management firms and retailers across Europe.

CyNation helps companies in industries that are data-rich, highly regulated and highly dependent on digital service providers.

CyNation offers two solutions for managing digital risks: CyDesk and CyCheck.

CyDesk is a digital risk analytics and management platform that provides real-time insights on cyber security, regulatory compliance, financial risks, brand reputation and other business risks within an organisation’s third-party network.

CyCheck offers automated vulnerability assessments for web applications and infrastructure, allowing organisations to detect unseen risks for effective management.