Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

Support to map, plan and manage offices, factories and buildings to enable social distancing and contact tracing. Also provide a wearable tag system.

We are working with private and public sector clients to map, plan and manage offices, factories and buildings, helping to ensure business continuity and staff welfare through future waves of Covid-19. We also provide a wearable tag system to facilitate both Social Distancing and Contact Tracing.

EVP Group offer a combined surveying, analysis, planning and management solution to facilitate private and public sector employers to safeguard their staff, and continue working through future outbreaks.

RAPID SURVEYING - using the most advanced handheld laser scanners, we can map and model up to 5,000m2 of office space per day. Tried and tested accuracy suitable for hospitals, large buildings, factories, retail stores and care homes.

FLOORPLANS - we can create new floorplans or use your existing data to create up-to-date building and office layouts quickly. Create safe zones and identify available workspace.

WORKSPACE PLANNING - using 3D design software and advanced algorithms, we can design the optimum workspace layout. This goes beyond basic spacing of desks and considers walking routes, services (sockets, lighting, phone, etc.), fire exits, ventilation and congestion points.

CONTACT TRACING - we provide a wearable tag system that uses secure UWB frequency to accurately track staff and equipment. All information can be anonymised, with personal IDs only utilised if contact tracing is required when a member of staff shows symptoms. This could mean the difference between sending a few people home to self isolate, and closing an entire building or factory. The system can also be used to determine proximity hotspots, to better design office layouts for social distancing. Tags can be programmed to beep or flash if they are within 2m of each other as a helpful reminder. All notifications and tag location data are stored in the cloud for analysis and reporting.

INFECTION CONTROL (Healthcare) - The combination of live tracking data and building mapping makes infection control monitoring simple. 1. Create zones - RED & GREEN 2. Tag all RED Zone staff and equipment 3. Trigger notifications when either go outside of their zone 4. Provide visitors and contract workers with tags to monitor their movement remains in only within GREEN safe zones.

Basis of support: Commercial product/service - created in response to COVID-19