Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

British shared micro electric mobility company providing shared electric scooters, e-cargo bikes and other micro e-vehicles, along with the data associated with their use - start points, end points, journey times, usage etc

The Covid-19 problem we are solving is safe, dedicated point to point transport, typically under five miles (but up to ten miles), for key workers who do not have access to a car and would otherwise need to travel in enclosed transport, ie. taxis, buses, underground, and trains.

Ginger will provide a dedicated fleet of up to 100 smart, trackable, lockable e-scooters, an e-cargo bike, and charging points within a week. We would provide these at our own cost. We require no additional funds or revenue stream.

We could then provide another 50-100 vehicles as you require, with longer lead times. We will provide all transport data for analysis, and bring in our data-sharing platform partner Chordant, personal safety wearables from our partner Ignius, and Virgin Media, Cenex, and other partners from the Innovate UK project VPACH. We will also provide sanitiser and instructions for using the scooters hygienically and safely.

Subject to further discussion we may be able to offer pro bono support.