Support Offered

Organisations offering support to tackle Covid-19 challenges are listed below.

We have 50+ students available to work for free on 12 week projects with organisations. The students have finished their taught modules as part of their MSc Data Analytics and are now seeking 12 week placements with a company or an organisation in any sector as the final part of their course.

Students can work on any data analytics related project defined by what your company or organisation needs. Examples include: managing data on a server using SQL and creating a dashboard for access to the data for members of the organisation, creating code to cleanse, organise data, perform simple analysis on the data, conductive explorative data analysis to find anomalies, errors, patterns, trends in data, creating a predictive model from data, using a machine learning approach or AI techniques. Students have experience in SQL, Hadoop, R and Python and can transfer these skills to other software.